Hello everybody,
my name is Belinda van’t Zelfde. Born 54 years ago on the island Curaçao, in the Netherlands Antilles.
I arrived in Italy almost 30 years ago and since the first day I could not love this unique land. The decision to settle in Sardinia was finally easy and almost inevitable: the beauty of this island and mild climate, which in many aspects remember the Antilles, wich is something simple to surrender.

Since several years I own and manage the BBOlbia with the intention of reviving all my guests the same emotions.
I occupy personally of the organization: here you will find a friendly and informal environment, full of small details to discover also a large and nice garden where you can relax yourself during your stay.

I hope to meet you soon and I hope in particular to make you fall in love of this land, just like me I have learned to love it.


BBOLBIA 2012 Tutti i diritti riservati.